Map of South America Santiago Buenos Aires

Homeward Bound

Part of 2006 World Trip, travelling from Bolivia and finishing in the United Kingdom via Santiago and Buenos Aires.

A few days in Buenos Aires to relax before heading home.

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To get back to the UK form La Paz I had to transfer at Santiago, Buenos Aries and Sao Paulo. I had nearly a week before I had to be back in the UK and therefore had pre-booked a hotel in Santiago for 2 nights and one in Buenos Aries for about 5, I only saw the airport runway in Sao Paulo. I reached Santiago mid afternoon, after an interesting detour through a drugs checkpoint in the middle of the Chilean desert. That evening I wandered around the river and central areas of Santiago enjoying the warmth out of the mountains. Santiago is one of the richest and most modern of the South American cities and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains making it a spectacular place. Unfortunately, that night I was struck by a Bolivian stomach bug that I had been vaguely aware I might have. The following day I only briefly made it out of the hotel and was forced to spend the day watching the World Cup again. This hotel room was the nicest I stayed in my whole trip with sofas and a bath with Jacuzzi jets - there are worse places to be ill. A little tentatively and quite hungrily the following day I flew on to Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires

Obelisco, Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is also a modern, European style city. Having made a full recovery I had a few days here to relax and look around. The last 4 and bit months of non-stop travel and excitement were catching up with me and I was happy to spend some of the afternoons watching the quarterfinals of the football. I spent one afternoon out in the nature reserve that separates the city for the Atlantic and had a day wandering the city centre itself, picking up souvenirs. I saw the usual sights and started organising myself the manic three week in the United Kingdom that lay ahead. In that short space of time I was to graduated and get my work permit and other essentials together before I moved to live in Japan.