Map of Singapore


Singaporen Flag Size: 700 sqkm
Population: 4,492,000
Capital: Singapore
Time Zone: GMT +8

Part of 2006 World Trip, arriving from Malaysia and going on to Australia.

A fun and modern city.

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The Merlion I really enjoyed Singapore. The city has strict rules about many things - bubble gum is illegal and if your caught with drugs then you are never going home (like Malaysia it is death penalty for anyone with any illegal substances); but this leads to a pleasant atmosphere and everywhere was clean and tidy. What is more, Singapore has a very artistic feel to it, and English is the national language, which was nice for a change. Chris had spent a few weeks here a while back and knew a trendy dorm in a nice, pedestrianised, area of little India. Everyone I had met told me that the Singapore chicken rice was the best anywhere, but as far as I could tell it was much the same; I enjoyed the Indian cuisine more.

I spent a couple of days wandering the parks, shopping centres and business districts and went to the night safari one evening. This was especially good fun. I had pre-booked a hotel in china town for my last two nights and had arranged to meet Rob, who I had met in the Cameron Highlands, that day.

Lightning over Singapore Harbour

By chance he had booked the same hotel and we went out and enjoyed an English beer or two the evening before we left. On my final morning before my flight I was caught in an almighty thunder storm and (finally) got a shot of the lightning - poor quality as I had to use multi-shot mode but I was still very happy.

This was the end of my stay in Asia and I was sad to be leaving, however, I would be returning within a few months to start work in Japan so the feeling passed quickly. That afternoon I headed over to what I think is the world's nicest and most high-tech airport for my overnight flight to Australia.