Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement I have a background in optical engineering and am skilled in the design and construction of advanced optics based systems. I am proficient at data processing and statistical analysis techniques, providing me with the means to understand large data sets and apply the results to real world solutions. I currently work on the development of technologies to solve challenges in new and existing markets for optical sorting machines.

For a full listing of academic publications and presentations see the presented work section. A full list of courses completed can be found here.

Key Skills

• Experienced in the initialisation of new projects and the solving of problems during project evolution. Able to flexibly adapt to new challenges and balance long- and short-term requirements.

• Able to developed tools and methodologies for the rapid assessment of customer requirements and the means to fulfil these needs ranging from same-day enhancements through to long term projects.

• Experienced in developing rapid-prototyping techniques for trialling new techniques and systems whilst ensuring the resultant products can be effectively applied to current technology portfolios.

• Working with hardware, software and mechanical engineers both internally and from external companies, as well as close collaboration with manufacturing, has given me a wide breadth of technical understanding into system requirements and constraints as well as the means to move new technologies into production.

• Working with marketing and applications departments, as well as working with customers and conducting trials at customer sites has given me a good understanding of real-world requirement and considerations.

• Knowledge of image analysis, advanced statistical techniques have given me the ability to process large volumes of complex data and provide specific outcomes to aid in the development of new products and services.

• Experienced in the use advanced optical, physical and bio-chemical analysis system and protocols as well as macro based programming (Matlab) and hardware control programming (Labview).

• Working on various projects with universities whilst in industry, coupled with my academic experience has given me experience in academic and industrial partnerships.

• Experienced at presenting work at scientific conferences and in high-impact journals. Also experienced at presenting work internally to market new developments as well as providing in-depth training.


2016 - Current Buhler-Sortex, United Kingdom
Head of Sensor Development

• Management responsibility for the group.

• Support projects and research.

2011 - 2016 Buhler-Sortex, United Kingdom
Research Engineer within the Sensor Development Group

• Worked on the assessment and validity of a range of projects and technologies.

• Developed software and advanced statistical techniques to aid understanding of customer needs.

• Developed new technologies and systems for optical sorting machines.

• Developed techniques for the rapid-prototyping and trialling of new systems to reduce time to market and development costs.

• Aided in the production process to bring new ideas to market.

2008 - 2011 Macquarie University, Australia
Research Associate in the Optical Biomedical Imaging and Sensing Group

• Assisted in the set up of the research group, including initialisation of projects and training of PhD students as well as construction of experiments and development of relevant theory. Published 8 papers.

• Set up of time-gated and single-photon sensitive microscope systems for novel imaging applications in addition to imaging of nano-diamonds via Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy.

• Using nano-diamonds as bio-markers for the imaging of cellular pathways. Also studied the interactions between quantum dots and living cells via specific and non-specific cellular pathways using confocal microscopy.

• Characterisation of the non-linear properties of zinc oxide nano-particles as well as studying the behaviour of these nano-particles on human skin using multiphoton confocal microscopy.

• Development of algorithms for rapid and accurate characterisation of human scars tissue as well assessing the level of skin damage caused by UV radiation.

• Wrote a custom ray-tracing program from first principles to verify the experimental enhancement in observed luminescence from up-converting nano-particles at the focal point of a single microsphere.

2006 - 2008 Hokkaido University, Japan
Post Doctoral Researcher in the Quantum Matter Physics Group

• Constructed a range of experiments and developed several analysis procedures. Published a total of 5 papers.

• Investigated the vibrational properties of various nano-structures using ultra-fast laser techniques.

• Also studied interactions between surface acoustic waves and micro-structures using interferometric ultra-fast laser techniques.

• Gained valuable cultural and communication skills by working and living in a foreign country and achieved day to day fluency in Japanese.


2002 - 2006 University of Southampton, United Kingdom
PhD in the Ultra fast Quantum Optics Group

Thesis title: Light-Matter Interactions on Nano-Structured Metallic Films.

• Total of 11 publications including 2 Physical Review Letters.

• Characterisation of surface and localised plasmonic behaviour.

• Studied surface enhanced Raman scattering and aided in the continuing development of single molecule detecting substrates, technology patented.

• Researched whispering-gallery resonators coupled to synthetically produced quantum dot emitters.

• Researched enhanced dye luminescence via plasmonic interactions.

1998 - 2002 University of Southampton, United Kingdom
MSc in Physics with Photonics
1st Class honours
Final year project: Optical switching using photorefractive materials.

1996 - 1998 Colyton Grammar School
A levels: Physics (A); Mathematics (A); Geography (B); General Studies (B).

1991 - 1996 Axe Valley Comprehensive School
G.C.S.Es: Double Science (A*), Geography (A*), Mathematics (A), Technology (A), English Literature (B), English Language (C), French (C), Expressive Arts (C).


I enjoy running, trekking and outdoor activities along with photography, travel and speaking Japanese.