Tim Kelf on the Dwarmiwanusca Pass near Machu Picchu Welcome to TimKelf.com

This site is primarily dedicated to my travel, photography and previous academic research. Use the menu bar on the left for primary navigation; other links are coloured blue.

Since this site was started in 2003 I have travelled to many interesting places around the world. The travel section of this site has blogs about many of these places and the photos section showcases my favourite pictures by location and theme.

Between 2003 and 2011 I worked in various fields of academic research, all related to my core speciality of optics. The research section provides background into these topics whilst the presented work section gives a full run down of my publications.

Presented Work

Current News:

Chelmsford Cathedral
August 2016

We buy our first house in the city of Chelmsford.

Cyprus Photos
April 2016

Photos from our honeymoon trip to Cyprus.

March 2016

I get married to the lovely Jana.

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