Southampton Nanomaterials Group

Shown in Southampton Physics department foyer for the promotions of research.

1. The NanoMaterials Rapid Prototyping Facility
2. An Introduction to the Rapid Prototyping Facility School of Physics & Astronomy
3. Glowing Quantum-Dot-coated Microsphere
4. Silicon/Germanium Quantum-Dots
5. Birefringent Nanoporous Semi-conductor
6. Nanoporous Platinum
7. Atomic Force Microscopy using Carbon Nanotubes
8. Template Self-Assembly and Casting
9. Chameleon Nano-mesh Metals
10. Super-hydrophobic Nanopatterned Gold
11. Nano-sized Optical Cavities
12. Efficient Light Emission
13. Liquid Crystals In Small Cavities
14. Current Rapid Prototyping Facilities
15. Current Rapid Prototyping Facilities
16. Controlling DNA
17. Confocal Microscopy
18. Nanotechnology Research Areas